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Black Rifle Coffee Has Become a Symbol for Right Wingers

via BuzzFeed

In the wake of several companies pulling advertisements during Sean Hannity’s show, the right is retaliating. During Hannity’s show over the weekend, he made some questionable remarks about Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore and allegations of sexual harassment.

One of the companies that pulled out of advertising is Keurig. In response, supporters of Hannity and his show captioned videos of people destroying Keurig machines with #BoycottKeurig. To fulfill their caffeine desires, the right has turned to Black Rifle Coffee, a military-themed brand that claims it’s aim is to “serve as the premier coffee company to the conservative customer.”

The owner of Black Rifle Coffee is an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran, Evan Hafer, who started the company “to provide a high-quality, roast-to-order coffee to the pro-2A and veteran communities.”

The tagline on Facebook is: “Because hipsters didn’t invent coffee.” It is an obvious attempt to attract conservative, right-wing Americans, who believe drinking certain coffee, like Starbucks, will make them liberal.

In the patriarchal, threatening, and violent video, a macho man claims, “People ask us why we have so many guns. I just tell them, how about over 200 years of freedom, bitch.” He also says: “Instead of worrying about micro-aggressions and what bathroom I’m going to use, I believe it’s important to support the people that actually serve our country.”

There are various blends of Black Rifle Coffee including Silencer Smooth Blend, AK-47 Blend, Sniper’s Hide Blend, and Beyond Black Blend.

via BuzzFeed

The description for the AK-47 Blend reads: “Whether in rain, snow, mud, desert, or mountainous terrain, the AK-47 never fails to deliver a reliable dose of wake the hell up. This blend will have you pushing hot on all 30 rounds of energy. We’ve put together a blend so fine even Kalashnikov would be proud.”

The brand received attention on Twitter, particularly from Hannity who got a bit too excited:

Trump Jr. also liked and followed the brand on Twitter, probably hoping Daddy would notice.

Black Rifle Coffee has expressed their hatred for “mainstream” coffee. Hafer told Munchies, Vice’s food website:

“The hipster culture, in reference to coffee, I think they feel like they have some kind of monopoly on it….A hipster is somebody that is conforming to an urban subculture, specifically around a style. And that style is the urban environment around a specific product: bicycles or coffee or other specific products. The funny thing is that we’re the same over here. We understand that. We have our own uniforms and our own way to look and feel. We’re really similar, we just like different things.”

Hannity supporters are now expressing support for Black Rifle Coffee:

The Keurig CEO, Bob Gamgort was more professional in addressing Keurig and Hannity:

Let’s try to get them to boycott Twitter.

[via BuzzFeed]

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