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Blair Waldorf’s Headbands: Where Are They Now?

The CW

To say Blair Waldorf invented the headband is a lie.

But to say she perfected them is an understatement.

No self-respecting teen was seen without the headpiece after Blair took over our lives. And to celebrate ten years since the fashion icon graced our screens, and our accessory drawers, we dug up the dirt on the most memorable headbands, Waldorf style.

The “Holy Shit It’s Serena” Headband

The CW

The headband that started it all. This headband retired from the show after season one, much like Nate and Blair’s chances of ever actually getting back together. Since then, the headband launched a highly anticipated fashion line for other strappy head accessories, but it flopped. The line was deemed “too fucking extra” by critics. A NYT fashion writer asked, “why are there so many ribbons wrapped around this headband?” The line was so bad, Paris Fashion Week audiences held a moment of silence for the line. Karl Lagerfeld wept.

The “Serena Killed Him” Headband

The CW

This headband saw Blair in what many deemed her cruelest moment. Outing your best friend as a murderer? That’s Peak Bitch™ for Blair. Unfortunately, that’s where this headband’s career peaked too. The headband died while undergoing surgery to become a silk scarf three months after the episode premiered. The following season’s premiere was dedicated to her.

The “Three Words. Eight Letters” Headband

The CW

All of Blair’s headbands have seen some kind of drama. But no headband has seen as much as the one Blair was wearing when Chuck FINALLY told her he loved her. Critics have debated whether this is a traditional headband or more of a stretchy rope head wrap, but it’s seen history, so give it the title.

The headband has rocked its golden glittery rope on countless other celebs and inspired the resurgence of gold in everything from socks to countertops. But the fame hasn’t gotten to this starlet’s head. She left the limelight for Malibu, where she lives with her husband.

The “I’m Blair Waldorf” Headband

The CW

This timeless classic saw Blair through her first day at NYU, and through her career as an activist after she left acting! The headband now works for the UN and has advocated for women’s rights in third world countries. In her moving speech in front of the council this past March, the headband said, “Every woman deserves to feel like a Blair, without being ostracized like a Georgina.” The speech went viral and inspired the hashtag #beyourownblair.

The “Wedding” Headband

The CW

Which wedding though, amirite?? Blair wore this elegant jeweled headband when she married Chuck in the series finale. Gotta admit, Uncle Jack had the right idea with this wedding! Unfortunately, this silver jeweled beauty has had the biggest drop of all. After appearing in one of the most iconic scenes in the show’s history, she tried desperately to cling on to fame, but it wasn’t the kick-starter she hoped for since she was such a late-comer to the show. She and Kaylee DeFer, the actress who played Ivy Dickens/Charlie Rhodes, another late add-on, have been close since the show’s end. Neither have done anything of note since.


Notice any that we missed and you’re curious about? Let us know in the comments and we’ll dig up the dirt!

Except any from season 5. That season sucked.

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