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Blake Lively Doesn’t Send Nudes to her Suitors, She Sends Dolls

So Blake Lively is kinda weird.

In 2011, Lively dated Leonardo DiCaprio for a whole five months. The couple would text back and forth while Lively worked on the set of Gossip Girl, and DiCaprio did whatever he was doing at the time to not win him an Oscar.

Lively went a different route for courtship than we probably are used to. Taking pictures of things near you or documenting what you see and sending it is not that weird. But Lively? She decided she would send pics of a doll.

I know that’s a pretty broad statement, but that leaves room to speculate on what kind of doll she was showing DiCaprio.

Let’s just hope it wasn’t as demented looking as Chucky.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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