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Blind Football Player’s Dreams Come True on ‘The Ellen Show’


High school football player Marvin Pearson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday highlighting his incerdible story as a blind and deaf player. Peason began to lose his eyesight at age 10, and is now considered blind and deaf. He’s been playing for Pottstown High School’s football team in Pennsylvania, since he was a freshman.

Earlier this month he even scored his first touchdown for the team during a game.

Pearson opened up to Ellen about playing with blindness and deafness, and talked about his favorite player Drew Brees. Ellen then surprised Pearon by telling him that he gets to meet Brees and will attending a New Orleans Saints game as a VIP. But that’s not where the surprises for Pearson ended. After saying he was likely to attend Temple Univeristy or Kurtztown University Ellen gave him a $10,000 check from Shutterfly that is going to his college education. Pearson’s reactions are priceless.

[Via Complex]

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