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The ‘Blue Dress’ Debate is now Happening with a Pair of Sneakers and it’s Problematic

In 2015, a meme of a dress went viral. The picture asked people which two colors they saw in the dress, with the options being white and gold or black and blue.

Know Your Meme

There was much outrage on the internet, and folks began fighting each other to prove that the dress was in fact black and blue.

But now, a modern day #bluedress has emerged. A picture of a pair of Vans sneakers was posted, and the color of the shoe and laces has caused controversy.

Some people see it as pink and white while others see turquoise and gray.

I see pink and white, which many of my coworkers, who see gray and turquoise (wrong), find hilarious.

Twitter has obviously exploded:

To satisfy us all, the picture was reposted with the correct color balance, and yes, thank you, it’s actually pink and white!

Class dismissed.

[via Mashable]

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