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BMW Just Set a Pair of New Drifting Records and it Wasn’t Even Close

When you think of drifting in terms of vehicles, you picture a car making a smooth turn around a curve before accelerating into a straightaway, right?

Well, it turns out that BMW had a different idea of what drifting should look like, as company driving instructor Johan Schwartz recently broke the Guinness World Records for “greatest distance vehicle drift in eight hours” and “longest continuous vehicle drift” at the same time while driving a 2018 BMW M5.

Schwartz managed to drift 232.5 miles over the course of 8 hours before he had to call it quits, smashing the previous record of 51.278 by nearly 5 times that distance. That’s damn impressive, especially considering most of us would have trouble just driving straight for 8 continuous hours.

[via Car and Driver]

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