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Bodies Rain Over the Walls in Brazil Prison Break


Dismembered bodies rained over the walls of the small Anisio Jobim Penitentiary Complex during a 17-hour prison riot over the weekend.

A gang feud in the small prison led to the 17-hour prison riot in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, leaving at least 56 dead and 200 inmates at large over the weekend. The prison, which was built to house 592 inmates, was housing anywhere from 1,224 to as high as 2,230 inmates at the time of the riot. The private company that owns the prison is reportedly paid in correlation with the volume of inmates.

The prison held members from two of the biggest gangs in Brazil, the Familia do Norte (FDN) and the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC). The riot was thought to be ignited over drug trafficking control within the prison, not a blood feud.

During the 17-hour stand-off, 74 prisoners and a dozen prison guards were reportedly taken hostage. Dismembered bodies were thrown over the wall, and at least 6 victims were decapitated in the fray. Family members of those in the Anisio Jobim prison rushed the scene to look for their loved ones, only to find a massacre.

Two separate prison riots occurred during the 17-hour Anisio Jobim stand-off, with an estimated 87 escapees from the Antonio Trindade Penal Institute.

Sergio Fontes, public safety secretary for the state of Amazonas, said the preliminary investigation of the New Years riot was a premeditated act. “Everything indicates that the acts were planned over a long period of time,” Fontes said. Increased federal funding was requested by the government of the state of Amazonas to combat drug trafficking and fortify prison security.

[Via CNN]

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