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Boom (Boom!) Aaron Carter Got Arrested For a DUI Like Slam (Slam!)

We swear that we’re telling you the facts, here’s how Aaron Carter got arrested for a DUI this weekend: the formerly fresh-faced pop star, and brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was set to perform in Kansas City, when he and girlfriend Madison Parker were pulled over by police. Carter now faces multiple charges, including DUI, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug related objects. The internet quickly went agog over Carter’s mugshot, in which he resembles a man who would never have a chance at beating Shaq in a million years.

His set in Kansas City was cancelled, with his official Twitter account blaming the no-show on “transportation issues” which is…technically not a lie.

But don’t worry, you guys, big brother Nick has got the kid’s back.

Let’s all watch the video for “Aaron’s Party” and not try to look at it as the harbinger of doom that it now is. Sometimes, the party gets out of control, and you don’t realize it until it’s too late.

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