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Boozy Popcorn Exists and Movie Night Just Got Better

‘Netflix and Chill’ season is back and better than ever. Instead of extra butter to go with your popcorn, you can opt for a boozy popcorn. Instead of a glass of Moscato, you can now opt for boozy popcorn instead.

U.K-based gourmet popcorn company Joe & Steph’s created a variety of alcohol infused popcorn flavors that taste just like your favorite cocktail drink. The popcorn has an ABV of 5 percent.Now you can enjoy Fruity Cosmopolitan, Crisp Gin & Tonic, Refreshing Mojito, and Zingy Margarita from the comfort of your couch.


Although Joe & Steph’s popcorn is sold in the U.K, they do ship to the United States (for an additional fee of $14). One bag costs around $5, so I’d suggest ordering in bulk to make that $14 delivery fee worth it. Movie nights have certainly become more interesting.

Bring on the calories. I have no shame!


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