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‘Breaking In’ Trailer: Gabrielle Union Would Prefer That She Not Be Terrorized, Thank You Very Much

CREDIT: Universal Pictures via YouTube

A group of thieves trap a couple of kids as hostages in a fancy house with a high-quality security system, as the place contains something very important to them. Meanwhile, the kids’ mom (played by Gabrielle Union) declines to take all this sitting down and instead decides to fight back.

Her adversaries put her situation thus: “You are a woman alone at the mercy of strangers.” But she believes she’s more formidable than they give her credit for, and you know what? I think the movie is going to bear out her perspective.

This is definitely in the woman-in-peril genre, which I’m generally not a fan of, but at least in this case the woman does appear to be capable right from the get-go. Also, why does it have to be so dark? I understand it’s a thriller, and darkness tends to make things more frightening, but don’t we all need a little more light in the world?

Breaking In arrives in theaters May 11, just in time for Mothers’ Day. Check out the trailer below:

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