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Breakout Artists in Chicago’s Drill Music


Now that Interscope records has dropped Chief Keef, its about time other-more talented-artists of drill music get some notice. Aside from his smash single “I Don’t Like”, Chief Keef has always been perceived as a type of joke anyways. Drill music is’nt for everyone, but these three artists really define a growing genre that was created just two years ago.

Fredo Santana

“All I Ever Wanted”

The “Walking Legend” himself, Fredo Santana. He’s a bit more crazy than most and that’s a good thing. Just look at this bro, tatted all over and spitting the most ridiculous of lines in his videos. You can tell he doesn’t really give a shit what people think of him and that’s an attitude that is honestly needed in today’s saturated music industry.  On “All I Ever Wanted”, Fredo raps over an off/eerie beat and even does the chorus. Teaming up with close friend Lil’ Durk, the two kill it. His verse on Ty$’s “Familiar” is also mentionable.

Lil Durk

“Dis Ain’t What U Want”

Easily the most skilled out of Chicago, when it comes to gangsta rap and contributing to drill music. Chief Keef’s pal and recent Coke Boys signee, Lil’ Durk is that real. “Dis Ain’t What U Want” follows the narrative that the whole of Chicago hates on Durk, as in he terrorizes his city by gang banging.  Associating himself with Badboy’s French Montana out of New York City, it is clear that Dirk has an image and persona when it comes to the rap game. He still uses auto-tune from time to time too. Usually I would have a problem, but he isn’t half bad with it. Listen to Signed to the Streets 2, its one of the hottest mixtapes out for 2014.


“Kick A Door”

No surprise here, another labelmate signed to Keef’s underground Glory Boyz Entertainment is blowing up. Perhaps the guy who is most behind the scenes out of the crew, SD is already on his 3rd installment of his Life of a Savage mixtape series with Life of a Savage 3(2014) being released last July.  I first heard of SD by chance, when a friend played me the street single “Loyalty”. The way that bumped in my car made me want to go back into SD’s catalog of music to find more of the same. “Kick A Door” is where my search for more SD started and I think it goes incredibly hard. At the moment, SD is readying his first album titled Truly Blessed that is supposed to be out later this year so keep an eye out.

Christian Westermann | News Cult

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