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Brew-Hoo! This New Wine Combines Your Two Favorite Drinks


I love iced coffee. I drink it regardless of outside temperature, even when my hands are freezing. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy about the cold brew trend, which has a richer flavor and even more caffeine. Now, cold brew has collaborated with my other favorite beverage, wine, to create a holy entity of drinks.

Apothic Wine is coming out with a new variation: Apothic Brew. The wine is infused with cold brew coffee, which gives it a chocolate-coffee flavor. Apothic Wine experts say the wine is versatile, and can pair a variety of dinners or desserts. For those of you hoping for an original Four Loko style jolt of energy, you’re out of luck. Despite its name and flavor profile, this wine contains less caffeine than your average mug of decaf.

So while you might not want to start replacing your morning Starbucks with a glass of Apothic Brew, those of you looking for a unique red wine can pick up a bottle starting April 1st.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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