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This Bride Wins at Weddings Because She Gave Her Bridesmaids Donut Bouquets Instead of Flowers

I typically hate weddings, but this I can definitely get on board with.

23-year-old Paige Burgess from Sydney, Australia decided she was sick of traditions when it comes to weddings. So, instead of regular flower bouquets, she surprised her bridesmaids with doughnuts.

Sidenote: if I was a bridesmaid, I’d be eating my own bouquet as my friend were getting married. Just saying.

Burgess told BBC:

“Everyone thought it was hilarious, and the venue couldn’t believe it.”


Oddly enough, Burgess said nobody actually ate them:

 “We had plenty of goodies beforehand so we were too full too eat them.”

Yeah, I’d still eat them.

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