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British Man Walks 1500 Miles Through India for Charity

via Facebook
via Facebook

Patrick Baddeley would walk 500 miles and he would walk 500 more…and then another 500 just for good measure. He trekked 1500 miles across India to raise money for Future Hope, a charity for street children in Kolkata.

He has raised over $12,000 on his K-Walk, named for his late daughter Katie. He documented his 5 month journey on the K-Walk Facebook page. He explains that he has always had a deep love for India ever since his first visit in the 1970s. He was especially touched and inspired by not only the work done at Future Hope, but the spirit of the children themselves.

When asked how he got through his grueling schedule of 6 hours a day, 6 days a week he explained, “I am a big cricket fan and drew a comparison between a team chasing a big total of 400 runs and me setting out on a long walk. Cricketers always say ‘Do not think about the total that has to be scored but concentrate on scoring the first 10 runs, then the next 10 and ultimately, the total will be reached. So for my walk, it was important not to think about the huge distance that I needed to cover but rather to concentrate in doing 15 miles (25 kms) a day.”

[Via Mashable]

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