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‘Broad City’s’ Abbi and Ilana Are Basically Every Jewish Girl on Yom Kippur [VIDEO]

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You know why Yom Kippur makes no sense? Because how is me starving to death atone for all the crap I did throughout the year? It probably doesn’t. There likely isn’t a God strong enough out there to relieve me of my sins. But either way, every year, we try and try again.

Since Broad City is on hiatus for another few months (tear), they’ve put together a digital series dubbed Hack Into Broad City to hold us over. In the latest video, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are basically every Jewish girl on the planet while trying to make it through Yom Kippur.

“If there’s a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich in the scene, someone better eat the bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich.”


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