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Bruce Springsteen Is Doing A Broadway Show That He Refuses to Call a Broadway Show

Brian Rasic/WireImage

For eight weeks, beginning on October 3, Bruce Springsteen will be performing a Broadway show at the Walter Kerr theater, except that he refuses to call it a Broadway show. Each performance will feature the Boss doing songs from all across his catalogue, reading excerpts from his memoir Born to Run, and “performing other spoken reminiscences written for the show,” so, yeah, Bruce, you’re doing a Broadway show.

You’ve got a script, you’ve got songs, you’ve got a story that will “loosely” follow your life and career, and you’ve got scenic design by Heather Wolensky, lighting design by Natasha Katz, and sound design by Brian Ronan.

So you can say stuff like “My show is just me, the guitar, the piano, and the words and the music,” until the cows come home, but buddy, you’re doing a Broadway show, ok? So just call it a Broadway show, because that’s what it is. You’re in your sixties and a multi-millionaire, are you really that concerned about how doing a Broadway show is going to affect your image as a working class man of the people street tough?

Sorry, Bruce.

You’re a theater kid now.

One of us, one of us, gooble gobble, gooble gobble, we accept you, we accept you, one of us, one of us…

[via Vulture]

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