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Buzz Aldrin Ignites Photoshop Battle the Internet Needed on the Fourth of July

Buzz Aldrin is in the headlines again this week after his now famous facial expressions during President Trump’s very weird speech about space travel last week. Despite making awkward faces at the President, he has the most patriotic outfit ever on the Fourth of July.

Here is the man, the myth, the legend repping his country like a true American:

As Reddit does, this sparked a photoshop battle and people have fun with Aldrin’s outfit.

Here are some good ones:

Hide The Pain Harold cause why not?

2017: A Space Odessey

At least Shock Photo tried to prevent the photoshopping.

What’s more American than Buzz Aldrin? Maybe Will Ferrell’s famous ‘Casual Friday’ SNL skit?

Planting the flag.

Does Buzz approve of all of this… let’s ask him

[via Mashable]

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