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California Waiter Fired for Asking Latina Women for ‘Proof of Residency’


A Huntington Beach waiter has lost his job after asking four Latina guests for “proof of residency” after they ordered a drink. To clarify, he was not checking whether the guests were of legal age. In his own words, “I need to make sure you’re from here before I serve you.” This blatant incident of racism was shared by Diana Carrillo on Facebook last week after her experience at Saint Marc Pub-Cafe.

The women immediately went to a manager to inform him of what just happened. He offered to reseat them in a different section, but they decided to leave the restaurant altogether. After Carrillo’s post went viral, the restaurant offered Carrillo and her friends a VIP experience and a donation to a charity of her choice. She denied the VIP experience, but asked Saint-Marc to donate to Orange County Immigrant Youth United, a youth-led organization that fights for the rights of undocumented immigrants.

The waiter in question was fired, and the owner of the restaurant posted this apology on their Yelp page:

We are deeply saddened by this guest’s experience and have made the decision to terminate the employee in question. This type of behavior is not representative of the Saint Marc brand and it will not be tolerated. We have established our restaurant in a wonderfully diverse community and intend to uphold our standards of universal acceptance. The views of our former employee are not in line with that of Saint Marc, nor will we allow any current or future employee to treat any guests this way in our establishment. We appreciate you voicing your concern and allowing us to resolve this issue with the help of the community, and we’re deeply apologetic to anyone affected. Sincerely and apologetically, The Saint Marc team


[Via Complex]

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