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“Call Me By Monet” is the Perfect Instagram Account For Cinephiles and Art History Fanatics Alike


Go home, Instagram models. We finally have the secret on how to create the perfect account: merge a popular, artistic movie with recognizable masterpieces. That’s exactly what Mika Labrague,a Psychology grad student in the Philippines, has done.

Call Me By Your Name, the Oscar nominated film, has gotten a Monet makeover. The Instagram account, Call Me By Monet (@cmbynmonet), take scenes from the beloved film and blends the characters into scenes from French Impressionist Claude Monet. I didn’t know the artist personally, but I think he’d appreciate this:


Labrague said she fell in love with the book as well as the film, which inspired her to create images based on the storyline. The inspiration for this account specifically comes from one of the chapters in the novel. Labrague said, “I got the idea from the novel’s chapter, ‘Monet’s Berm.’ According to the book, it was the place where Monet used to paint and also where Elio brought Oliver.”


After she watched the film, the idea really solidified. The imagery from the movie coincided with Monet’s work. Labrague noticed the paintings and the film “had the same vibe” including the “lush green trees, the beaches, the flowers.” So, the merging masterpieces began.


Labrague starts by finding one of Monet’s paintings that matches up with a scene from Call Me By Your Name. Then, she edits the characters so they blend seamlessly into the background. Her hard work is paying off: 37,000 people follow the Instagram account, and Labrague loves sharing her passion with others. “I didn’t expect that people would love it and give positive feedback,” she said. “I’m so humbled by all the love my work has been getting.”


She should start making prints. Labrague could earn some serious Monet!


[via Mashable]

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