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Camila Cabello Drops Here First Solo Track Since Shitting on Fifth Harmony, ‘Crying in the Club’


Whoa, she’s coming out swinging.

Camila Cabello has been in the middle of a war of Shade between herself and her former group, Fifth Harmony, which has now dragged on for five long months of vague yet tantalizing “she said/we said” statements, and deserves nothing less than a thirteen hour long Ken Burns PBS documentary.

It’s miserable. First Camila fired shots, then Fifth Harmony is like “fuck you, here’s a pic of the four of us now.” Then Camila released a statement about some bullshit and teased her new song.

Well, the new song is here and you can listen below:

We’ll keep you posted on more Fifth Harmony drama because this is like some telenovela shit and we love it.

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