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You Can Bank-see This Artwork Once Again: Original Graffiti Restored by Hull Citizen

via Twitter

Instagrammers, rejoice: graffiti artwork on a disused bridge in Hull, England has been restored by a window cleaner and a team of helpers after being sprayed over. The work, which reads, “Draw the raised bridge!” is suspected to be a Banksy original. The graffiti has caused major discourse in the town, with some disapproving of the vandalism and others appreciating that it’s done by Banksy.

Among the Banksy fans was Jason Fanthorpe, a window cleaner who set out to restore the artwork on Scott’s Street Bridge. He used water and white spirit to restore the piece, with help from others in the community.

The graffiti art is not as distinct as it once was, but it is still intact. Hull has decided to embrace the famous vandal’s work, even placing a protective plastic layer over the work to prevent another incident.

The Banksy graffiti has pulled in quite a crowd to the town, with visitors traveling in from Bristol and Manchester to photograph the original work. The humble savior Fanthorpe reluctantly agreed to pose for a picture after finishing the restoration.

I’m sure white girls with Instagram themes and dudes who wear cuffed pants and Vans are rejoicing!

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