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You Can Book This Adorable House Boat for as Low as $89 A Night

via Travel + Leisure

If you live on the southern east coast, then stop looking for cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts and listen to me right now! What if I told you about a place that was a perfect, cute, tiny home weekend getaway? What if I told you it was in beautiful South Carolina? And what if this cute getaway house was on a boat? And that it’s only $89 a night?!

So did you book it yet?

It’s as good as it sounds, folks.

Hang out on the bay, view downtown Charleston, enjoy some liquid courage with your sweetheart; it’s the trifecta.

This cute houseboat was featured on Tiny House Hunters, and was recently renovated for the perfect weekend getaway, complete with all things nautical.

via Travel + Leisure

It features a complete kitchen and bathroom, a sun deck up top to enjoy those golden rays, and take a ride on the marina’s bikes. So don’t get a lame card and chocolates on Valentine’s Day this year. Take a trip for the weekend to this cute boat, and leave your worries behind.

[via Travel + Leisure]

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