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You Can be Eligible to Wear Pizza Hut’s Delivery Pouch as Your Own Parka


In order to combat a “lukewarm pie” problem, Pizza Hut has created new delivery pouches as well as a parka made from the same material.

Since the pizza pouch is made from material that is intended to keep the pizza hot, it would therefore mean that wearing a parka made from that material should also keep your body hot. Right?

The parka is made from three different types of insulation, which is more than the usual winter coat. It’s weatherproof and has a clear section on the sleeve to fit your phone so you can order in all kinds of weather while protecting your phone.

Stores will not be offering this innovative tech designed by Pizza Hut, but customers can be eligible to win by purchasing a Pizza Hut pizza online or through the app. Another easy way to order a pizza is by tweeting the fire and pizza emojis to the Pizza Hut twitter: @PizzaHut.

You’ll definitely be the designated pizza picker upper of the family if you win that jacket.

[via Mashable]

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