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You Can Now Buy a Custom Version of Conor McGregor’s Infamous “Fuck You” Suit for the Low Price of $6,500

via David August

A few weeks ago, Conor McGregor pulled the ultimate BAMF move by showing up to the first McGregor v. Mayweather Press Tour stop donned in a suit littered with literal insults.

Now, us measly mortals can get the same suit… if you have the cash.

For the mere price of $6,500, you can own one of David August’s Limited-Edition ‘Eff You’ Pinstripe 3-Piece Wool Suit.

via David August

“Infamy and notoriety isn’t always bad, especially in the case of one bold, brave, confident friend of ours who revels in pushing boundaries. For those interested in taking similar risks, we have recreated our original custom 3-piece suit produced exclusively for Conor McGregor and we are making it available as a limited-edition custom order.”

Just know that the suit will take about 12-15 weeks to get to you. At least the high price tag includes shipping and alterations.

[Via BroBible]

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