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We Can Rebuild Him… The Game Boy is Revived With Some Fancy Modern Tech


Nintendo has long dominated the handheld gaming market, fending off enemies as old as Sega’s Game Gear and as recent as Sony’s PS Vita. But their original champion, the Game Boy, has been long retired, since replaced by the illustrious DS and 3DS lineage. But while Nintendo has merely thanked the Game Boy for its service, a company called Retro-Bit intends to take the Game Boy back from retirement for another campaign.

Retro-Bit’s Super Retro Boy brings back that familiar rectangular form and gives it a shot in the arm with some modern updates. The Super Retro Boy houses a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery, boasting a continuous power time of 10 hours. Additionally, the Super Retro Boy is equipped with a scratch and shatter-resistant TFT HD screen. This is sure to bring some catharsis to anyone who remembers playing the likes of Pokémon Blue on dark car-rides, only able to progress to the rhythmic passing of street lights.

As expected, the Super Retro Boy can play classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. It can also play Game Boy Advance games, but there are two additional face buttons above the A and B to compensate for the lack of shoulder buttons. As a result, this may make Game Boy Advance titles slightly more mentally taxing.

Retro-Bit plans a North America release for the Super Retro Boy in August of this year with an attached price tag of $80. In an age of emulators and dying internal batteries of old Game Boy games, the release of the Super Retro Boy is an ambitious move. Regardless, it’s nice to see a celebration of the console that heralded the still-lucrative handheld gaming market.

[via Gizmodo]

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