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Cartwheeling Fan at Britney Spears Concert Stopped by Backup Dancers

On Wednesday night Britney Spears performed at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas as part of her Part of Me tour. When her performance some guy was trying to cause some hootenanny at a Britney Spears concert. He got on stage and when backstage security tried to stop him he attacked the security. This caused the backup dancers to get involved.

While the man was held down by guards and dancers, Spears was safely brought backstage.

Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but did you see how effortlessly this guy transitioned from cartwheeling into walking. That is natural born talent.

If you ask me, it’s a disgruntled former back up dancer trying to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Spears being the consummate professional that she is, came back out to finish the show. Spears and representatives at Planet Hollywood have yet to make a comment on the incident.

[via Mashable]

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