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Cat Curling is Sure To Make You Feel Like a Gold Medal Winner

As the Winter Olympics are under way, we are invited to join in with the curling team by celebrating our love for sports…with our cats.

If you don’t have an ice arena in which to curl, you can make do with a cat, a shoe box, and a linoleum floor, as seen here. It well simulates the Olympic sport while also giving your cat the much needed feeling of being the center of your attention.

Can’t find a shoe box you dislike enough to disrespect? Just switch out linoleum for hardwood flooring, and your fluffy friend will surely sail. This is also a great way to buff your floor, and your cart will clean themselves after anyways!

And if you’re looking to enter in partners curling, grab a friend and slide your felines back and forth. It can be a great upper arm workout and is fun until your cat has had enough.

So if you want to feel like you’re in South Korea without the cold winter feel, stay indoors and simply adopt a cat.

[via AV Club]

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