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Being a Celebrity Can be Awful: Here’s 7 Reasons Why

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Celebrity culture is currently alive, well and thriving: pretty much how it’s always been since the inception of mass media. With their often healthy bank balances, wide-spread popularity and apparent superiority when it comes to aesthetics, they are the very image of what some people aspire to be. We covet them for their talents (though this isn’t always required), and in turn they get to live ‘the high life’. They even sometimes get waived from incriminating offenses, so what could possibly be bad about being a celebrity?


Yes, we all like to be recognized and appreciated for what we do, but all of the time? Although I’m sure hearing girls shriek your name and fumble for a picture holds appeal the first hundred times or so, it will eventually get boring and even infuriating. I hope you enjoy singing your name, too.


Unless you’re a celebrity known for being a bit of an ass (see Justin Bieber), there’s an expectation that you’ll behave in a proper fashion. You’re allowed to do crazy stuff that’ll make good headlines, such as being caught naked somewhere, but nothing too insane or violent. There will be days where you just don’t feel like being alive, and that one fan will rub you the wrong way. You may scream in their face, knock their phone out of their hands, or really blow your top and assault them. Eitherway: you’ll end up with a bad headline the next day and a very unhappy manager. We all need to vent at some point, but it’s difficult for celebrities to do that without repercussions (Even if you love donuts like Ariana Grande).


Everybody is literally chomping at the bit to get a piece of you. Again, another ordinary person’s fantasy come true you’d think. You could screw someone different every night if you were that way inclined. Well, you could if you’re happy with the risk that anyone you slept with could run straight to the tabloids. So basically, you can’t. That, and everybody wants to date you because of the way you’re portrayed in the news or on the stage, meaning you’ll have a job finding someone that’s genuine. That, and whatever dating occurrences you have will probably be plastered onto the front page.


Fancy taking your dog for a stroll around the block? Want to pop into Walgreens for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Chances are you won’t be able to achieve any mundane or meaningless activities without being recognized and approached. When you’re a celebrity, basically anything you do from the clothes you wear to the people you speak to, has the potential to become a headline (such as Lady Gaga falling over. Breaking stuff).

Keeping Up Appearances:

Your record label might have asked you to be provocative on stage. Your role in the latest movie might have been one of ridicule. Sometimes, your celebrity status stems from the character you play for other people’s enjoyment. The problem with this is the association with that persona, and possibly being unable to escape from it (especially if you’re expected to behave in such a manner). You may hate pretending to be someone that you’re not, but it’s not always a choice when you’re in the limelight. I wonder how many celebrities swear and curse all of humanity as soon as they’re off the camera?


I’m not talking about the donate to a children’s hospital kind of charity, either. I’m referring to the fact that everyone and his cat knows that you’re loaded, and may be bold enough to request a slice of the pie. People will forget in these moments that you (hopefully) worked hard to make your money, and won’t understand why parting with a few hundred bucks is so difficult for you. Because if you did it for one, you’d do it for anyone, right?

Special Treatment:

Along the same lines as the whole attention issue, but everyone, everywhere will be trying to get on your good side. They may let you jump the queue (much to the disgust of those waiting: that guilt would kill me), they may blow on your soup if it’s too hot, and they would probably wipe your ass if you asked them to. Again, it might be great for a few months, but it will grow tiresome and you won’t be able to do much about it.

You should try and remember all of this the next time you happen to bump into a celebrity, or see a celebrity on TV or in a photograph. I’m certain the thoughts going around in their heads are a world apart from the smile they’re wearing (at least they’re rich though).


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