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Celebs Who Might be and Probably are Gay But Haven’t Come Out … YET

Being #famous comes with a lot of perks, like word-wide traveling, money and the occasional free Gucci, duh. But there’s also a down side of being in the public eye, which is extreme scrutiny of everyday life from fashion to love and of course sexuality.

Before I go any further let me say that coming out is a personal process and journey, no one should be forced to come out. Having said so, I’ve done some investigating and found a list of celebs that have been surrounded by gay rumors, because TBH the community is ready to welcome you and luv you.

Zac Efron

Let’s get real, no heterosexual man looks this delicious and does not engage in curiosity with other men. FACTS only. It might be my thirst speaking but among the gays Efron has always been a rumored homosexual and we’re all just waiting for that glorious day when Troy Bolton decides to step out of the closet. Take your time sweetie.


Tom Cruise

The gay rumors have followed Tom Cruise aka Mission Impossible dude for like all his career. Even though he married twice, first Nicole Kidman and then Katie Holmes, whom he had a child with, the one and only Suri Cruise. At one point Cruise sued a gay porn actor who claimed to have had an affair with the Golden Globe winner. We’ll never know if the actor ever engaged in homosexual acts, but I mean who can forget that iconic couch moment with Oprah. GIRL.


Kevin Spacey

This A-lister has been followed by gay rumors almost all through his entire career. Spacey has never confirmed or denied them but he did take the chance to kind of address the rumors when he hosted the Tonys. In all honesty he kind of made a mockery of his sexuality and coming-out in general. Maybe Spacey is  not fully aware of what the Tonys mean for the community or the magnitude of the platform he was given, or maybe he is aware and he chose not to come out.


James Franco

If I’m 100% honest Franco doesn’t really fit into this list but I had to include him because he’s always talking about how he’s “a little gay” and how he likes it when people think he’s gay, but he’s not actually gay? He’s also played a lot of gay roles, which is a little problematic. But we get it: we shouldn’t care if he’s gay or not, but he makes it interesting. What can I say.


John Travolta 

The gay rumor mill has been spinning since the ’80s for Travolta. He’s a total stud in Grease and who could forget his iconic performance in Saturday Night Fever, #zaddy. But let us not forget the allegations several men have made, accusing the dancer and actor of sexual assault. Even though Travolta has denied all the claims it only proved the rumors to be somewhat true. It’s important to note that Travolta has been happily married to Kelly Preston, for like an eternity.


Jonathan Cheban

You might recognize Cheban, or you might not, who really cares. Cheban spends most of his time so far up Kim Kardashian’s ass that if you blink during an episode of KUWTK you might miss him. There are a lot of reasons why I think Cheban is gay AF. We’re ready for the announcement honey, but since he keeps beating around the bush when asked about his sexuality, we’ll just keep waiting, I guess.

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