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Chi*a is Briefly Ba**i*g a Letter to Ce*sor Protests

via @cbcasithappens

China’s government has a list of terms that are banned in order to censor online protests, and now just one letter has been added to the list: the letter N.

China’s president, Xi Jinping  has been trying to maintain his presidency for longer than two terms. Civilians who oppose China’s Communist government and Jinping’s rule have been protesting online in an attempt to abolish the rule to keep a president in power for longer than two terms.

“Animal Farm,” “1984,” and the name “Yuan Shikai”, a warlord from the Qing Dynasty who tried to recover the monarchy to China, were also added to the list.

The most perplexing thing of all has got to the ban of Winnie the Pooh, as it has been used to mock Jinping’s resemblance to the cartoon bear:

This is u*real.

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