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Cheating Doesn’t Make You Cool, It Makes You Immature

Simone Becchetti

For some reason there are some individuals out there who believe cheating makes them look cool. Maybe its the fact that they have yet to be caught, or the fact that they know that more than one person desires them. But at the end of the day there’s nothing cool about cheating.

To cheat on someone you have to be in a relationship with them, which means you’re choosing to be with them and you’re also choosing to betray them which is really fucked up.

Cheating isn’t cool, if anything it just earns you the title of a ‘Fuckboy’ or “Fuckgirl’, and it shows that you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship. Here are 8 reasons why cheating doesn’t make you cool, it just makes you immature.

You look like an asshole

Cheating doesn’t make you look cool, you just end up looking like an asshole. You have an option to end the relationship and seek others but instead you choose to keep your partner on a leash while you go behind their back, and in the end they will be the undeserving victim in all of this — and thats not fair.

It makes you look like someone who has many insecurities

Rather than cool, you seem like someone who has a lot of insecurities. Pursuing other people while in a relationship makes it seem as if you’re starving for approval and for reassurance in yourself from others. Your lack of confidence is anything but cool, and the way you deal with it is even more lame.

You’re too immature to be honest with your partner

If you have the desire to see other people, or have issues regarding the relationship, the mature thing to do is discuss all of this with your partner. But your choice to avoid this conversation and cheat shows your lack of maturity, due to your inability to be honest and deal with conflict.

You’re probably scared

You seem like someone who is scared of dealing with your feelings or anyone else’s. Instead of being mature and facing things head on, you choose to hide your problems in fear of having to one day face them, so instead you choose to cheat. And hiding that you’ve cheated on your partner shows how scared you are of being in the wrong.

You’re incapable of commitment and still just want to go around having fun

You still act like a kid; the only thing on your mind is having fun. Someone who is mature is considering the consequences of their actions and are concerned with all aspects of the relationship including their partner’s feelings. The fact that you feel that it is ok or even ‘cool’ to cheat shows that you are still emotionally immature.

Nothing is cool about drama and cheating is only going to create drama

Save the drama for high school, As an adult you’re supposed to be avoiding any and all messy situations. You cheating is just inviting drama into your life, with you being in the middle of all the mess.

You seem more like an immature ungrateful kid

If you’re with someone who loves you, you should feel some sort of appreciation for their love for you. You may not be able to reciprocate it, but at least respect them enough that you don’t go behind their back and betray them and risk hurting them for your own selfish pleasures.

You will come out as the bad guy

At the end of the day while you were galavanting around, your partner was the only one staying faithful. So when the truth comes out about you cheating, don’t expect any pity, because your partner will be the victim in all of this while you come out as the villain.

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