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Check Out This Caribbean Beach Populated by Flamingos


Ah yes, the beauty of Caribbean beaches. The crystalline blue water, the white sand that sifts between your toes, the green palm trees that dance gently in the sea breeze. And, of course, the pink plumage of the flamingos as they wander about for food, unable to fly to where every drop of instinct in their bodies tells them they are destined.

For all these wonders and more, you can visit Renaissance Island, a private, 40-acre island in Aruba owned by the Renaissance Resort & Hotel casino. According to their website, the two beaches on Renaissance Island are “Aruba’s only private beaches, reserved exclusively for guests of the resort.”

Well, perhaps not exclusively for guests. One of the beaches is home to a number of pink flamingos (eponymously dubbed Flamingo Beach). Unlike regular flamingos that migrate, these particular birds that inhabit this beach stick around all year long. But why? Is it the resort’s lovely chaise lounge chairs, or the fun water sports like snorkeling and sailing? Perhaps the flamingos get a cut from the casino’s profits?

Unfortunately, the only cuts being made are reportedly to the flamingos’ wings. Some patrons of Renaissance Island have reported that the tropical birds’ wings are clipped, preventing them from flying away from the beach. It would seem that one person’s paradise is another creature’s prison.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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