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Check Out the Newest Star Wars Spaceship From ‘Rogue One’

star wars

With all the new Star Wars movies scheduled for release in the near future (at least one per year for the next 5 years), one of the top priorities at Lucasfilm and Disney must be to run through the entire alphabet when naming the Rebel starfighter ships. Right on schedule, the U-Wing will make its debut in this December’s Rogue One, joining the fleet made up of A’s, X’s, and Y’s.

The new ship’s design was just revealed via film still on the latest episode of the YouTube series The Star Wars Show. It may look unremarkable now, but it won’t be long before it becomes as iconic as every other vehicle from a galaxy far, far away.

You can watch the full episode of The Star Wars Show below (complete with Weird Al interview!), and you can see Rogue One on December 16.

[via Gizmodo]

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