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Spiders On Mars Are A Real Thing


David Bowie will live on forever in our hearts and in space, but his lyrics aren’t just present in every karaoke bar in the world, they’re present in these super cool geological features that NASA is referring to as spiders. They’re actually found on the surface of Mars, which is pretty awesome.

The image above was acquired by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera,  also known as HiRISE. It shows a .6 mile wide view of part of planet Mars. There’s not really a bunch else to say about this, except to look at it and be amazed at what’s out there in space. NASA explained how they did it:

[T]hese radial troughs have been referred to as spiders, simply because of their shape. In this region the pattern looks more dendritic as channels branch out numerous times as they get further from the center. The troughs are believed to be formed by gas flowing beneath the seasonal ice to openings where the gas escapes, carrying along dust from the surface below. The dust falls to the surface of the ice in fan-shaped deposits.
[via Gizmodo]
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