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Cheers! The Five Most Expensive Cities To Buy A Beer

There’s a lot the humble beer can tell you about a city. Firstly, it can tell you a lot about a city’s history. Guinness is engrained in Dublin life, the same applies to Heineken and Amsterdam and the whole city of Brussels and Trappist beers.

You’ll also get a general vibe of the cost of a city by the price of a beer and work out how much spending money you’ll need.

Food and drink is often the thing that makes up the most of a budget and is certainly the biggest aspect that gets put on the credit card.

But which cities have the costliest beer? We take a look at the five most expensive cities to buy a beer…


Dubai is a city of luxury. Where people head with their travel credit cards and spend big in the opulent malls, racking up the travel rewards.

It’s a city that thrives on its shopping and people spending, and you’re going to do exactly that for a beer too. At $12 for a large beer it’s the most expensive city in the world to buy alcohol, of course that’s not really a surprise with their strict regulations on the stuff.


Oslo will set you back a whopping $9.50 for a beer and is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

The city isn’t widely regarded for its beer, so the quality may not be that up to scratch either. It’s certainly a place to avoid for a bachelor party!

Hong Kong

The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong is quite exhausting, so a pit stop is often much needed.

The biggest selling beer in the principality is San Miguel and will set you back around $8. As you can imagine Asian beer is hugely popular in Hong Kong with the likes of Tsingtao also a well drank brand.


Another Asian powerhouse, Singapore’s average cost of a beer will also set you back around $8.

Their main brand is Tiger, while there is a rise of microbreweries now cropping up in the city. You’ll find a number of brewhouses today that are well worth a visit, with local brews often that little bit cheaper.

New York

The Big Apple has big prices and is around $7 for a large beer today. Of course, the options here are incredible with so many breweries now in operation.

Forget the Bud Light and head into the local brewery taps for the likes of Sixpoint, Transmitter and Ommegang.

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