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Cheetos Cookies Are Real, And You Can Eat Them With Your Face

Do not adjust your computer screen! This is not a dream! You read that headline right: Cheetos Cookies are real, and you can eat them with your face!

This modern miracle was invented by Ross Canter, co-owner and baker at Cookie Good in Santa Monica, CA. Here is how he described the invention process to LAist:

“I knew it had to be thick and chewy, salty and cheesy, have the soft crunch and slight corny flavor of Cheetos and, if possible, it’d be great if the cookie could turn fingertips orange,” he said. “The next day, armed with a party-sized bag of Cheetos and a tub of cheddar cheese powder, we got to work. The result was everything I hoped it’d be.”

Canter estimates that each cookie is roughly 30% cheesy goodness, and customers say that they really do taste like Cheetos, but “more buttery.” And yes, they do turn your fingers orange.

Best of all, you don’t even have to live in Santa Monica to experience the Cheetos Cookie: you can order them online from Cookie Good, starting at a dozen for $23. However, if you have to experience this sinful confection right the heck now, check out this DIY Cheetos Cookie recipe video below, courtesy of Hellthy Junk Food.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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