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Chicago Art Museum Declares Trump’s Renoir Painting a FRAUD (Just Like Trump)

via Entertainment Weekly

Does this guy tell the truth about anything? If the first person that came to mind after that question was President Trump (and not your spouse) then you’re on the right track.

The Chicago Art Museum released a statement today to set the record straight regarding who has the real “Two Sisters on the Terrace” painting by renowned painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir. You’ll be glad to know it’s not sitting somewhere in President Trump’s basement.

Even the President’s biographer, Tim O’Brien, told him that the painting wasn’t real after spotting it in one of his private jets in 2005. Of course, in Trump-like fashion, he decried otherwise. His biographer and he actually went back and forth, being that he was actually from Chicago and had seen the actual painting hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago. O’Brien recalls the next day, which is the most Trump-like notion you’ll hear all day, stating that the President pointed to the painting and said, “You know, that’s an original Renoir.”

O’Brien further commented that, “He believes his own lies in a way that lasts for decades. He’ll tell the same stories time and time again, regardless of whether or not facts are right in front of his face.”

This is what we are experiencing right now during his presidency, and unfortunately what we will be dealing with until Mueller is able to (hopefully) remove him from such position.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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