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Chinese Air Force Conducts Military Exercises in South China Sea, Calling It “Preparation For War”

On Sunday, the Chinese Air Force conducted a series of military exercises in the disputed South China Sea and drills in the Western Pacific, where it sent bombers and fighter jets through the Miyako Strait, which lies between Japan’s southern islands.

In a statement, the air force announced that H-6K bombers, Su-30, and Su-35 fighters were among the aircraft involved in the combat patrols, and has labeled the exercises as “rehearsals for future wars” and “most direct preparation for combat.” Furthermore, the air force said that their drills in the South China Sea are to increase its ability to fight far out at sea.

Beijing’s muscle-flexing came days after the new changes to its constitution were approved so that it allowed President Xi Jinping to be president for life. With complete oversight, Xi is ambitiously modernizing China’s military program by heavily focusing on its air force and navy.

Although China has repeated that their military exercise has no hostile intent, their display of military force in the South China Sea, nevertheless, has gotten Taiwan and Washington to be concerned with anxiety.

On Friday, in a “freedom of navigation” operation, a U.S. Navy destroyer was 12 nautical miles away from an artificial island in the South China Sea, resulting in condemnation from China.


[via Reuters]

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