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Chris Christie Gets in a Cubs Fan’s Face While Holding Nachos and it Pretty Much Sums Up His Reign as Governor

Chris Christie has been in the news pretty often lately, but it seems to be about everything but his job as New Jersey’s governor. His overwhelming news coverage is not for his policies as New Jersey’s governor, the good he does for the state, or anything relating to his job, it seems to be about everything else. He has been ridiculed for shutting down New Jersey beaches to the public and being photographed on a private beach after the fact, being a sports talk show guest-host and yelling at callers, and the newest is a video of Christie getting in the face of a Cubs fan during a game. You can’t make this stuff up.

If you have not seen this video yet, you are missing out. Not only does the video show the “respected” politician getting in the face of a Cubs fan during a Cubs-Brewers game, but Christie is holding a large order of nachos while he does it. While the video is brief and hard to hear, the phrase “you’re a big shot” is clear. We don’t know what the fan said to set Christie off, but we are happy he said it.

Here is the video:

So many questions arise after watching this video:

  1. What did the fan say to set him off?
  2. What else did Christie say that was not recorded?
  3. Did “secret service” really appear after?
  4. Why is he always at baseball games?

You would think the governor of New Jersey would have better morals than to yell at a fan heckling him at a baseball game, right? Wrong. Chris Christie has been a horrible representation for New Jersey ever since he was voted into office. You would think someone who openly supports Trump’s presidency would be too busy working to attend one baseball game. But no, Christie has been to several in the past few weeks. He made a nice foul ball catch a few weeks ago at a Mets game and traveled to Chicago for this series against the Brewers.

Not a good stream of decisions for the New Jersey governor, but despite your personal feelings for Christie, the one thing we can all agree on: he should not be eating nachos.

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