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Chris Hemsworth Admits Who Would Win in a Fight: Wonder Woman or Thor

Clay Enos / Warner Bros. 

Wonder Woman is the hero we all need right now, and even Thor agrees. During an interview with Katie Couric in May, Gal Gadot, star of the box office hit Wonder Woman, asked Chris Hemsworth, the man who played Thor in the movie, who he thought would win in a fight: Wonder Woman or Thor. Of course, Gadot let it be known that her money’s on Wonder Woman.

Chris is a smart man. Without mincing words, he responded saying he thinks Wonder Woman would “kick Thor’s ass”.

While we may never see the two go head to head—we do know who beat who when it came to the box office take. The first Thor earned $65 million on opening weekend, while Thor: The Dark World made $85 million. As for Wonder Woman—she brought it a whopping $100 million. Not someone you want to bet against.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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