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Cirque du Dogliel: Excited Pupper Jumps Through Car Window Into Owner


Dogs, puppers, doggos, good boys, or whatever you may call them. They’ve long been hailed as mans’ best friend. Whether playing fetch, going with you for a walk, or just hanging with you at home, their the best of companions.

One Twitter user was so proud of his dog’s athletic ability, he showed it off in a video.

Unfortunately, his overly-enthusiastic dog launched right into him during the event.

When he called for the doggo from the drivers’ seat, the dog immediately ran to the car and jumped through the open window, and crashing right into his owner. But he didn’t seem the to mind.

As most dogs love to go for a ride in the car, his eagerness is understandable.

That’s how I react whenever someone asks me to go for a ride.

[via Mashable]

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