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A Clip of Jason Momoa Making a Joke About Rape is the Cherry on Top of this Crazy Week


Rape culture is very real and we are all a part of it. This past week, allegations of sexual harassment have been revealed left and right by various celebrities. It all started with reports of sexual harassment allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

There has been nothing minor about this issue, yet people still tend to blame the victims. Donna Karan spoke out against the women who suffered from Weinstein’s harassment. And most of the women have been called attention-seekers.

The behavior surrounding rape and sexual harassment is so genial it’s disgusting. A clip just resurfaced from 2011, when Jason Momoa sat with the cast of Game of Thrones and made a distasteful rape joke.

The video shows the cast sitting on stage, answering questions from the audience. When asked about working with women on the show, Momoa praises the sci-fi and fantasy genre for providing him with the opportunity to do so many different things. Apparently, one of the things he has the ability to do is “rape beautiful women.”

The cast next to him had mixed reactions, while some face-palmed and others seemed to be laughing.

On top of his gross comment, one problematic and disgusting part is that the audience loved his answer and erupted into laughter and scattered applause.

People on Twitter had mixed reactions to the video. Most, as expected, were completely appalled by his comment:

One tweet eerily echoed the argument for Trump’s disgusting Access Hollywood comment.

A few others don’t see the big deal because it happened in the past:

“Jokes” about rape and harassment are never funny. Instead, they perpetuate rape culture because the actual effect of rape gets diminished and passed over as “just a joke.” But for people who have experienced some type of sexual harassment, there is really nothing humorous in reveling in forced or unwanted sex.

So for the people who think everyone has to lay off because the clip is old, that’s an invalid argument. If the clip were old, we wouldn’t have to be experiencing similar circumstances that literally just happened, and are still happening to this day. Rape culture is not a “fad,” it’s not something that will just go away if we lessen the impact or meaning.

It’s not being “too sensitive” if rape humor is offensive. Expressing anger at this behavior is just a reaction to expecting a little decency.

So why is it a good thing that this video has resurfaced? Because it’s relevant. Because society has to realize that this affects men and women alike, and that it’s not okay to keep undermining this issue. It’s not just Jason Momoa, but all people who make light of serious and personal situations. Call out the instances that don’t seem right, expose the ones who create this world of harassment and expect to get away with it.

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