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The Clippers and Bumble Just Upheld Ayn Rand as a Feminist Hero

These are the sort of stories that twist my stomach. They show that sometimes people don’t really give a shit and are just jumping on the bandwagon for a chance at some positive publicity. That seems the case with one such incident that occurred on International Women’s Day yesterday.

The Clippers, in partnership with the Bumble dating app, tweeted what they thought would be a well-responded-to show of “support” for International Women’s Day. They were happy to show support, it seems, so long as it didn’t mean educating themselves in the slightest about who they upheld as a feminist hero: Ayn Rand.

Rand, the Objective Rationalist that didn’t believe in welfare and then ended up on welfare. Rand didn’t believe in governmental support and then ended up owing her life to it. A day founded by socialists is not well served by a mascot – “Objective Rationalist” – who didn’t care about anyone but herself.

Also, they chose Anne Frank too.

Nothing wrong with that ostensibly… but it just feels a little odd; a little off. Like they couldn’t really think of any famous feminists?

They took the post down but not before receiving some majorly deserved flak:

[via Mashable]


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