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Closed Holocaust War Crime Files to be Released to the Public


The Wiener Library in London is opening the United Nations’ catalogue to the public this week. This marks the opening the Nazi war crimes during the Holocaust that have been sealed for the past six decades. The files also include the Polish government’s descriptions of concentration camps.

Some of the files date back to as far as 1943. They will be unveiled by the London-based Wiener Library, a facility supporting the study of genocide and the Holocaust.

The only people that have seen this documents until they will be made public were researchers authorized by both their national governments and the U.N.’s secretary-general. The people who have seen them were not allowed to takes notes or make copies, so their release will literally be the first time the public is hearing anything about them.

Historian Dan Plesch, who studied the documents for a decade, told the Guardian that the open archive “is a huge resource for combating Holocaust denial.”

[via The Guardian]

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