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Cole Sprouse Tweeted About Chamillionaire’s Name and Got a Pretty Amazing Response

I’m sure you’ve said to yourself a million times, “Hmm, I wonder what a Twitter exchange between Cole Sprouse and Chamillionaire would look like.” I mean, it’s a question we’ve all been asking for years.

Well, now it looks like we’ve finally got our answer.

Sprouse voiced a question of his own on Twitter about how Chamillionaire came up with his rap name.

Chamillionaire found Sprouse’s tweet while cruising along the Twitter-verse and gave an answer most of us weren’t expected.

Much like you and me, Twitter went nuts over this exchange.

However, it looks like Chamillionaire was just messing around with his answer, as his Wikipedia article says otherwise.


Regardless of the facts, I’m still insanely glad that this happened and my ever-burning questions have been answered.

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