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Connor Mcgregor’s Son Is All Dressed Up

Jack Mcgregor may only be 3 months old, but he is already giving people a run for their money, including his father. Connor Mcgregor decided to have his son decked out in a three piece cobalt blue suit before his fight with Floyd Mayweather on Saturday. He used the same designer who did his infamous ” F* ck You” suit, David Heil.

His son is also his inspiration to do his best in the ring according to Gregor. When in Las Vegas, he spoke to Eurosport, Mcgregor stated:

“Fatherhood is such an amazing thing because it made me realise what’s important…If anything I feel the pressure is off my shoulders even more so.”

His son must be a hell of an inspiration because Mcgregor has vowed to inflict a devastating “KO” on Mayweather on Saturday.

[Via Twitter]


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