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Converse Announces Shoe with Built-In Guitar Pedal

A shoe with a guitar pedal? Now we’ve really seen it all.

Converse announced the shoe today, posting the above video on their Facbook page and saying, “Introducing the Converse All Wah. The latest Converse Chuck Hack and first ever fully functional wah-wah pedal in a sneaker, prototyped by Critical Mass, designed by CuteCircuit and officially road tested by J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.”

The shoe will send a signal from microsensors on the sole to a Wah Box via Bluetooth and can be played through an amp, Mac or iPhone. Converse hasn’t yet set the release date for the All Star-based style.

Staff at Critical Mass say: “We wanted to make Chucks even more rock’n’roll. So we thought, why not turn one into a wah wah pedal?”


Rock fucking on!

[Via Facebook]

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