Corgi Racing Exists and it’s So Pure and Wonderful

Getty Images

Getty Images

If you need any more proof that dogs are just so pure and good, look no further to the internet’s latest discovery: corgi races.

Yep, that’s right. Some genius decided that we should have the world’s fifth cutest dog (If I didn’t have to rank them they’d all be tied for first) race against each other on a track because why the fuck not?

What results: ultimate adorableness.

“Here come the fluffy baby corgis!”

I can’t tell if my favorite part of this is the race itself, the corgi’s names (I love you Logan Handsomepants), or the announcer just getting so into it.


Even though some of them didn’t even make it to the finish line, I am so proud of them.

Honestly, we should cancel all horse races in favor of corgi races. Who’s in?

[Via BroBible]



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