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Couple Sells Everything To Go Live On A Boat That Sunk After 2 Days

Have you ever had one of those feelings when you’re like, “To heck with this job! I’m selling everything I own and moving to insert country here!” We’ve all been tempted to give up and start over. This couple actually went through with it. Nikki Walsh and Tanner Broadwell sold all they had, bought a boat, and decided to take a journey with their pug, Remy.

They moved onto a 28-foot vessel in Tarpon Springs, Florida. They stocked up on supplies before heading out, and felt that they were decently prepared. The couple, who are 24 and 26 years old, considered themselves to be “new to sailing.” So new, in fact, that after two days of being at sea, their boat capsized.

“We started freaking out because waves were coming, and [they were] tossing our boat back and forth,” said Walsh.

DON’T WORRY, Remy was saved too, and prioritized. They grabbed his food and toys, because “he doesn’t deserve to go without his favorite toys.”

Though lady luck was not on their side, they’re still doing okay. Left with nothing but their dignity and a total of $90, the started a GoFundMe to get back on track, and have already reached $10,000. What a roller coaster of emotions.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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