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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is Being Told to Stop Threatening the NFL Over Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Contract Extension

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been rather adamant about his feelings toward NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently, having threatened to sue the league if Goodell is granted a contract extension following this season. Now, as per The New York Times, the NFL’s Compensation Committee has issued Jones a cease-and-desist warning following a conference call on Monday.

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons organization, said that the committee is still in the process of working out an extension of Goodell’s contract and spoke out against Jones’s accusations that NFL team owners have been misled about “critical facts” regarding the negotiations at hand. Blank is also the chairman of the committee and he eliminated Jones’s status as an ad-hoc, non-voting member due to his threats. In Blank’s Monday statement, he said,

The Committee is continuing its work towards finalizing a contract extension with the Commissioner, consistent with the mandate provided in the unanimous May 2017 Resolution. Regardless of what may have been reported, the Committee is working within the financial parameters outlined to the ownership at the May meeting. The negotiations are progressing and we will keep ownership apprised of the negotiations as they move forward. We do not intend to publicly comment on our discussions.

Goodell’s final written counterproposal requested for his contract extension to involve a $49.5 million salary, as well as lifetime access to a private jet and health insurance for his family.

In a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president and Jerry Jones’s son, defended his father’s actions. He said,

We’re not against Roger, we just don’t know if this is the time to be talking about a major contract extension when the league certainly has incredible challenges in terms of where we are with the league. Whether that’s our ratings, whether that’s our concern with our sponsors, I think we need to be focusing on our business and not necessarily on contract extensions. It’s not that we’re against Roger, I think Jerry has been vocal about it, that’s certainly not easy to do when you have certain momentums that are going one way and you take a contrarian stance … In his mind what we take as an organization, we just don’t think it’s in the best interest of the NFL right now to move forward.

It’s become a known fact among the NFL community that tensions are as high as they’ve ever been between team owners, players, and Commissioner Goodell, and these threats by Jones and the Compensation Committee’s actions against him are yet another example of this. This story will be an interesting one to follow as it develops.

[via ESPN]

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